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January 4, 2009 - Happy New Year

OOOPs. I’m so sorry but the blog had several errors in it last week (Lord only knows how that happened. Maybe the editor had a little too much eggnog?). New Year’s resolution: check before put fingers to keys. Last week it was reported the shop had a new look. This was based on rumors of what was going to be done. Facts were checked this week and we are sorry to report that Chris spent those days off sick on the couch (she says it was the flu) and her husband had injured his hand. Chris is back at the shop and feeling better (saw her Saturday) and we hope her husband’s hand mends soon.

Apologies too because a picture of one of LeeAnne’s quilts was posted instead of Geri’s (Wonder what planet the editor was on when that happened). That has been corrected. Sorry about that Geri.

As for the new news – Newsletter has been mailed and e-mailed and if you did not get your copy you can download it and the three month calendar on the blog.

New classes are starting – Lots of really great BOM’s coming up. Be sure and take a look at the samples. As new samples come in to the shop pictures will be posted.

Don’t forget the clubs – Clothesline club looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun this year and will also have a BOM.

Redwork and Twilling Clubs are sure to provide something special this year too. Take a look at the Twilling sample posted on the blog. And be sure to check out the other twilling and redwork samples when you go into the shop. Barb does such beautiful work. You will be inspired to participate.

A new Bee has begun. Julie says you can come and make dolls or work on any craft you would like. Her group meets on the second Thursday of the month from 10-1.

The other clubs and BOMs are filling up fast so don’t procrastinate on reserving your spot. Take a look at the Primitive Garden BOM sample on the blog. Colleen did a fantastic job.

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year and you are keeping all those resolutions???
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