Are you an expert, an amature or a drop out? The difference between the expert and the drop out is dedication. The expert keeps on trying, never gives up, takes risks, tries something new, and learns from his/her mistakes.

Don’t be a drop out. Recently a former customer said she didn’t come back because she felt she didn’t learn anything in the class. She gave up. She never came back. How sad. Think of all the fun she’s missed. Not only has she missed out on the camaraderie with other quilters, but she’s missed out on the exhilaration of the creative process. Sometimes a teacher can say something in a certain way that just speaks to us. Another class, a different teacher, and she could easily become an expert.

You too can become an expert. All it takes to go from drop out to amateur to expert is persistence. Drop outs, of course, just give up and quit. Amateurs keep doing things in the same old way, never try anything new, just keep plugging along in a rut. Experts take classes at the Attic Window Quilt Shop and learn new techniques, try new patterns, play with colors in new ways. Becoming an expert has nothing to do with natural talent. It’s all about persistence. Think of how many times Edison failed. He never gave up. Don’t let your quilting be boring. Don’t stay an average amateur. Make each quilt a growth process. Practice what you are not good at, or take a class in something you’ve never done before, or just have not had any interest in. For instance, maybe you don’t like making triangles because you just can’t get them to look right. Well, they will never look right if you don’t practice. Maybe you will learn a new and easier technique when you take a class with a different teacher.

An example would be the paper pieced tea pot above. Paper piecing may not be your cup of tea, but you can take a stab at it and make this fun paper pieced tea pot out of those scraps you have on hand. You will find different tea pots on the other blog sites on the Blogs I Follow List. They are cute and bright and seem to be all the current rage. Why not try it? You can find a pattern at the Pink Penguin. You can also find a pattern (a bit more complicated) called the Dancing Teapots at the Quilter’s Newsletter .

Valentine’s Day Special

Don’t let Valentine’s Day slide by with just a card and a kiss. Make a heart wall hanging or pillow, to help you get into the mood. You can find the free pattern on the blog.
Hope you have fun this weekend trying something new, building your confidence, and becoming an expert quilter.
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