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If you haven’t done so, you really should take one of Julie’s Doll Classes. This afternoon the women looked like they were having so much fun. It’s amazing what goes into making a doll. Today they poured the Paper Mache head and limbs for their dolls. They had special plaster molds for doing this. They used Flumo, which is an air-drying casting slip, that works like ceramic and porcelain slips except that it doesn’t need to fired in a kiln.

Here you can see how the slip is poured into the plaster mold.

After the slip is dried, the molds are taken apart and the parts removed.
The extra paper mache is carefully cut away from the mold.

Parts are removed from the mold and placed in this "unique" holder to dry further.

Maggie was making a different kind of doll, and she's placed her doll parts in this container to dry. (Couldn't resist this picture)

Find out more about Julie's doll making classes by calling the Attic Window Quilt Shop or checkinig the calendar (on the blog). A new class starts Feb. 26th.
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