Have you been using the F word a lot lately? Now get your mind out of the gutter. The F word is the FEAR word. Is your fear holding you back from starting a new quilt project? Do you have a problem choosing colors? Are you procrastinating because you are afraid you’ll look stupid, no one will like it? Don’t let fear hold you back.
The best way to conquer fear is to do it anyway. It doesn’t have to be a queen size quilt. Do this the inexpensive way by tackling small projects. These little houses (pictured) are a fun way to experiment with colors. You can later use this small block as a pot holder like the one shown or add it to your UFO pile without guilt. Pop over to Freda’s Hive and get instructions on how to make these cute little houses. They are addictive and you learn so much by doing them. It is so easy taking small scraps of fabric and placing them next to each other. See what happens when you place a red piece of fabric next to a green. Or maybe it would look better next to an orange one. There is no right or wrong. What feels right to you is what will look right to you and that makes it great. What do you think about the pictured hot pad? Would you have used a darker yellow fabric or a different color altogether? Or maybe you would have chosen a different binding? What does it matter? What matters is what you learn when you play with color, what you like and what you don't like, and that you don’t let fear control you. This is for practice. This is for fun. Go for it.

I’ve added Happy House Swap button to the blog. Check it out too. Even if you don’t participate, it’s a fun way to use up those scraps and learn about color while you’re doing it.
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