The other day when I opened my e-mail from Oprah’s Home and Decorating Newsletter, an article caught my eye. Why Every Woman Needs a Hammer. Well and good. Hammers are nice. But this got me to thinking. What every woman really needs is a needle. So I’ve created my 5 lessons on life as to Why Every Woman Needs a Needle. Each time I post I will add the next lesson. Here is Lesson One.
A needle is the constant that carries the thread through life. I’ve been sewing since I was a young child, so young I don’t remember running the treadle sewing machine needle through my finger but my mother tells me I did. I used to sew doll clothes and as I grew older, graduated into making my own school clothes. When I took Home Ec class I made a blue corduroy dress and wore it for my class picture. I still remember how the collar flared up in a way I thought so sophisticated (I was in the 7th grade). Then when I had children of my own I made their clothes. Mothers didn’t work back then. I even sewed my husband a suit once. Only once. I think that once was probably how many times he wore it too. I sewed later in life when I went into the work world, hurrying home to sew up a seam or two during lunch hour. Then the time finally came when I could afford to buy my clothes, but the need for a needle continued. That’s when I took up quilting and happily sewed small patches together to create works of art. Even after retirement and when my 91 year old mother came to live with me, my needle continues to be my friend. The steady rocking motion of sewing helps me remain calm, maintain my sanity, and see the beauty in the world.

As a wise man (Aristotle) once said, “Happiness belongs to the self sufficient. “ Are you a self sufficient needler?
Tomorrow: Quilting is a Group Sport
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