Sew Cal Gal is hosting a Virtual Christmas Quilt show. People are to enter their quilt and tell about it. Above is the quilt I have entered. I made three of these wall hangings years ago, when I first decided to become a quilter, but really did not know too much about what I was doing. With exuberant enthusiasm (I know that is redundant) for my new hobby I decided to make my daughter and two daughters-in-law each a wall hanging. Little did I realize the difficulty involved. Actually, I think the worst and most unforgettable part was putting 200 buttons on each wall hanging. As I recall the directions said to take a hand full of buttons and toss them onto the wall hanging and then sew them down where they land, after all, these buttons were supposed to be snowflakes. Gads, do you realize how difficult and back breaking that was to do? Trust me, I think twice before I let my enthusiasm take hold today. Still, I kind of like these guys, don’t you? Click on over here (scroll down) and see all the other fantastic quilts in the show. And do it now as the show ends Dece. 25th. You’re sure to enjoy the view.

Fab Talk has a link to a cute tote.

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