Are you a green quilter? I got the idea for this little piece by watching a Nancy Zieman TV show. You cut out the leaf from your Heat N Bond, or whatever you choose to use, but you place the design on the background fabric. Iron it and pull off the Heat N Bond. Then using your rotary cutter you make confetti out of your scraps. Place them onto the background fabric so that you cover the design you have ironed onto the background. Using your silicone mat, cover the scraps and then iron them onto the background fabric. I then did some random stitching, sewed on a few beads, added a piece of yarn, and toyed with a fabric pen. It was fun to play and use up my scraps. I think I’m going to frame it.

Mr. Greenman the One-Eyed Alien from outer space. Well, that’s what I call him. I saw something similar to this on someone’s blog about a month ago. Of course, I’m not so organized that I wrote down the blog address. I spent almost one afternoon looking for it to no avail. I decided I would just have to make the pattern on my own. It was a gift for my great grandchild. I love stuffed toys.
Just Quiltin with Denise Russart has a new BOM called Crop Circles.
The Tattered Garden has a great tutorial on how to make a snappy bag. What’s a snappy bag? Well it’s one of those you can just snap open and closed, but this one is made by using a metal tape measure. Very clever.

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