Remember back in November when Carolyn Eary was looking for a name for her new jacket pattern and I posted about it here? At that time Vicky F. left a comment and suggested Carolyn name her jacket Stained Glass Chocolates. That is the name Carolyn chose. As a thank you for her suggestion, Carolyn is sending Vicky a free Stained Glass Chocolates jacket pattern. I know this was not a contest, but I’m so glad that Carolyn chose a name suggested on the blog and that she wanted to thank the person who suggested it. Doesn’t this jacket look fantastic in the above picture! You can purchase the pattern at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Watch for Carolyn’s other upcoming classes on how to make her fantastic jackets and quilts. Design Your Own Quilt is Feb. 18 and is in lecture format. Just Start With a Square is Feb. 19th and Pick One Then The Other Jacket begins Feb. 24. For further details check out the Newsletter (button on sidebar) or click on the calendar on the sidebar. Congratulations Vicky and thanks Carolyn for your thoughtfulness.

Have you seen Esther's blog? She has a great tutorial for her Red Delicious pattern made into a pillow. You’ll love her blog and wonderful patterns.

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