My kids call me tightwad.  I consider myself frugal.  So, remember when you look at this that I’m just trying to save money and the environment as well.  Recently I posted a link to someone’s blog (sorry I can’t remember the name) of how to secure the threads on your bobbins.  I got excited when I saw it and headed off to Home Depot to get my plastic tubing.  However, once there I discovered the tube only came in one length and cost more than I wanted to spend.  I only had about 4 bobbins that I needed to secure.  Besides, the only tubing I could find was too thick for my tiny plastic bobbins.  I came home empty handed.
Then it occurred to me to try this.  On the way home I drove through a fast food place for something to drink.  Once home, and drink finished, I was just about to toss the empty in the trash, when I noticed the straw.  It was a large straw.  I took it to my sewing room and used my X-ACTO knife to cut pieces the width of my bobbins.  Then I made a slit down the piece so I could open it and slip it around the bobbin.  It works!  And it’s FREE!
Later I was proudly showing off my creativity to my son and lamented that I couldn’t figure out how to keep my spools of thread from getting all tangled like this.
I found a large piece of plastic, but it’s too thick and I don’t like it.
My son came to the rescue with a piece of flexible hose that is used in a car.  It was easily cut with the X-ACTO knife and fit the larger spools of thread perfectly.  However, I am still looking for a solution for the smaller/thinner spools of thread.  Any suggestions?

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