I was giddy while stitching away on these lovely bright blocks, yet as time wore on my mind began to wonder what could I possibly do with the pile of scraps …

...that was beginning to look like this (above).

I pulled out individual pieces to see what I had.

I’m still creating scraps. After I cut the cornerstones I sewed them together to make these squares. But what do I do with all the scraps? I can’t throw them out. The fabrics are far too beautiful to ignore. Something inside me puts on the breaks and yells no no no you can’t let them end up in a landfill. They are calling my name saying, create create create.

So I cut apart some of that outside circle square and started sewing and came up with this. Now I’m trying to decide – should I square it up? Can it be squared without loosing too much of the lovely fabric? Should I add some curved pieces? Maybe I can make three different applique blocks: circle, this strange square, and bars. My goal is to use up the beautiful fabric. Maybe use it in a quilt top, or use it in the backing for the quilt that started all this anguish.

So what do you think? Do you have any suggestions? Should I applique them onto a square white background? Or should I try to piece them together? Or just use them somehow on the back of the quilt I’m making? I’d love some feedback.

I’ll keep you posted as I progress.
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Quilting On A Budget has a great tutorial on making wonky squares. She says: (WONKY : Pronunciation [wong-kee] –adjective) .
Until Next Time: Happy Quilting

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