It’s that time of year again: Christmas in July. This lovely block is just one of many blocks from a quilt sample at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. It is called Holiday Redwork and the pattern (from the Stitch Connection) is available at the shop. It’s shown in Redwork, but can also be done in appliqué.

Remember, all the month of July (oops I goofed. I was supposed to say) CHRISTMAS fabrics are on sale at 20% off. The Annual Christmas In July PJ Sale will take place Saturday, July 25th from 8 to 10 a.m. If you come into the shop with your pajamas on during those two hours that day, you will receive a special discount. Come in during the first hour and you will also receive a special gift, but only if you have your PJs on! (No pajamas, no discount.)

This is a picture of Maggie’s Shooting Star quilt. It is a Laundry Basket pattern which can be purchased at the shop. When I saw the individual blocks earlier I just couldn’t imagine how it was going to go together and here it is. What a lovely quilt.

I always hesitate to tell you to go to certain sites for patterns when we have such lovely patterns right here in the shop. However, you bag lovers might want to check out this DYI blog. It has lots of bag ideas.
Until next time: Happy Quilting!
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