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Brings back memories of last minute stitches and creative write ups, the smell of wet sheep and manure. Not so much different than today!! Last night we had our 6th or 7th annual Quilt Show and Tell: People bringing and sharing their old family quilts, their newly finished projects, and some in progress. It is always a joy to see what's happening out in the County. And the sharing is my favorite part...probably never got over kindergarten!
The 4-H projects are still near and dear to my heart, I know the work that goes into them, the un-sewing and re-sewing. It makes no difference what ribbon is received, the learning experience is just about the same. For me, it began a life-long love of sewing. Not cooking. The bench in my living room was my County and State Fair project in 1965 or 1966, probably my last venture into refinishing. I still love it, though it is far from perfect! I was always more comfortable with my sewing machine.
Tonight, we're trekking to Bloomfield to speak to the Quilt Guild. My chauffeur will drive me and my quilts in the big black pickup. It is always a pleasure to talk about quilts, almost as much fun as making them!! Tonight's topic is creativity. Quilting outside our boxes, stretching our skills...the only exercise quilters need!!
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