I wanted to show you more pictures from Mary Lou Weidman’s classes in West Virginia.  As you may know, Mary Lou has a distinctive style and unique way of making a quilt.  I learned so much from her during that week and I will share our experiences and projects with you over the next three days. Above are sample blocks that Mary Lou posted on the wall for us to see when we first walked into the room.  You will notice in some of the following pictures that we made our Hoochy blocks and taped them to the wall by our work areas too.  It was fun to watch the blocks multiply.  (You can learn to make Hoochy blocks by getting one of Mary Lou’s books.  Check out her blog here)
Kim holds up a piece of light giving fabric.  Mary Lou said that after you take her class you will never look at fabric in the same way again.  That is so true.  Notice the light flowing from the fabric that Kim is holding.  I came home and looked over my stash and thought….some of this has to go!  It just will not do.  It has no light!
Mary Beth was creative in making this lovely flower.
This is a close up of Mary Beth's flower.  Isn't it stunning!  I love it.
Betty was perhaps the most productive of us.  Look at the blocks on her wall.
Now look at how many blocks Betty has made.  And it's not the end of the week yet.  Wow!
Donna was new to quilting.  She dyes her own fabrics and made her first quilt block with us.  Notice the blocks behind her.  These were made with some of her hand dyed fabrics!  She is an artist and I hope to see the end product of her story quilt.
Terry had attended Mary Lou’s classes before.  She really knows how to step out of her box when creating blocks.
Terry had decided that she was going to use Christmas colors to make her quilt.  These are some of the blocks that she created.  I love the “snowmen” (yet to have eyes) and the snow on the wonky geese’s wings.  We thought they could be used as roof tops too.
Since this is a Story Quilts class, Terry shows us the story quilt she made a while ago.  It is about how she and her friend walked together every day during all kinds of weather.  The writing across the top says “Friendship is Always In Season.”  What a beautiful tribute to her friend and their time together.

That’s all for today folks.  More pictures and stories tomorrow.

Serendipity and Spice has a nice tip for keeping your shower door clean. 

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!
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