My mother used to clean house every spring, from top to bottom, washing walls, cleaning wallpaper, changing drapes, etc. When I became an adult, I complained that not all that really was necessary any more since we no longer heated our house with coal, which spewed soot everywhere. I was thankful I did not have to wad up balls of wallpaper paste or change drapes every season. I was thankful for so many things, but my mother still insisted, “Caroll, you need to do a deep cleaning at least once a year.” This week it finally dawned on me, rippled through my thick brain and stuck, just why I need to do as my mother said.
While trying to sort out my sewing room, I found an “It’s A Girl” panel that I had started to put together years ago. I have never cared for panels. It seemed like cheating to me. Besides, I was new to piecing and could not make it look like I thought it should, so I put it aside. When I found it the other day, I knew I had to finish it. At a recent baby shower for my granddaughter, I had given her bumper pads and a blanket in just the same soft yellow and purple colors. I ran upstairs, excited about my find and showed it to my mother, explaining to her what happened, how I had put it away and forgotten about it. The Biggest-Flirt-in-the-World shook her head sadly, heaved a big where-did-I-go-wrong sigh and said, “It’s no wonder you don’t have a man.”
Undaunted, I reminded myself that I had so much to be thankful for and that I’d rather be quilting than cleaning and put it on the frame and finished the darn thing. Don’t think it turned out too awful terrible, do you? It is going it the mail to her tomorrow. Hope she likes it. Now about that spring-cleaning…..I’ll think about that in the spring

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Hopless in Michigan,

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