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New Year, New Resolutions. NOT!

Same resolutions as every year: sew more, eat less and laugh often. I'm very good at the laughter. With the 4 day work weeks, we've had lately, I'm getting a lot of sewing done!! The snow days, have kept me home more this year than all the other 27 years combined. Fred says, I can't retire, because I'd just eat myself to death. So I'll be at the store for many years to come. Thursday, we got stuck and had to walk home. I'm waaaay too old for that to happen again.

The scooping should be getting easier, since we've had so much practice.

As many of you know, I LOVE the winter!! Honestly! I feel like I get more done in the winter and I love watching it snow. So pretty. Even now, I still love the winter.

With the snow days, I'm getting so many projects done. I've put in a photo of my brother's birthday present: the windmill wallhanging. He better be grateful. He has 5 sisters and it's a real battle to stay in first place!

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