Last week when I was at the Attic Window Quilt Shop I ran into Wilma. Great lady and fun to talk to. However, on my way out, she kept pestering me, “Where’s that next Aunt Millie block.” “I’ve been waiting to see that next Aunt Millie block.” All the way home her words haunted me. I am so guilty of starting a project and never finishing it. I hate to think of how many UFOs I have stashed away. So I came home and finished another block! Yeah! Thank you Wilma for getting me back on track.

These are my blocks so far. I have three more to go. As I was working on the one above I knew why I had put it off for so long. It has so many itty-bitty pieces and I just I didn’t want to tackle it. I’ve already started on the next block and believe me, it has even more itty-bitty pieces. But I won’t give up.

Speaking of not giving up, you might want to check out the Tip Nut. There you will find 35 links to things you can make with scraps. Have fun!

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