Do you remember my Flower Festival Quilt? I blogged about it here. Shari Kimbro saw it, liked the pattern and decided to make one of her own. She got the book “Flower Festival” by Kim Schaefer and started working. I heard about it and asked her to send me a picture when it was finished. What will interest you is her story about how she made this beautiful quilt. This is Shari’s note to me:

Thanks again for answering my questions about your "Flowers for Mother's Day" quilt that you had on the blog in May. As soon as I saw it on the blog I KNEW that was the pattern I had been searching for. My friend has a 10-year old daughter. She had kept her daughter’s infant and toddler clothes over the years. One day she mailed me a HUGE box full of these clothes. At the beginning of the summer I started using the fabric from them to make the quilt blocks. I just kept making blocks. I purchased the white on white background, lattice, cornerstone and binding fabric. The rest is all baby clothes (some had spandex and polyester but I made it work!). Once I had used every piece of clothing I ended up with 35 blocks, so I just made 5 more to make an even 40.

And this is the result. It does lay flat! It's laying over a mattress to take the picture. The nice people working at Attic Window Quilt Shop helped me pick out the yellow and dark pink for the lattice and cornerstones. I'm very excited to turn it over to my friend. It was a ton of work but lots of fun. I had no idea what I would end up with when all was said and done. She lives in Texas and we see each other a few times a year. I'm delivering it to her on November 9th. I hope she likes it! I love the way it turned out.
Thanks again,
Shari Kimbro
Shari I’m sure she will love it. What a thoughtful friend you are! This is something to be cherished over the years and passed down through the family. You should be proud!

Thanks for sharing this lovely quilt with us. I hope all our readers are inspired to do what you did. You certainly have me thinking and planning!

Stay Positive!
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