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I am anxiously awaiting pictures from today's wedding....

Maybe I wasn't paying attention today. 
All last week we worked on patterns in first grade....

You would think I would be pretty good at patterns by now? 
Today I started a quilt for our next Groovy Girl meeting.... it is called Texas Two Step by Terry Atkinson. 
I was happily sewing along, but when I finished the 6th row.... I looked at it, then looked at the pattern cover.  Mine didn't look like that....
Then I figured it out, I reversed the fabrics.  I put the background fabric where the prints should have been, and the prints where the background fabric should be....
Well, I'm not taking it all apart.  I kind of like it.  I call it Texas Backward Step. 
Just call this a happy accident.  :)
Have you ever had a happy accident? 

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