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hospitals, emergency rooms, ugh

I am so sorry that I haven't posted all week.  It's been a crazy week for sure.  My husband had a small stroke on Tuesday, he is now in the hospital and is ok.  We really dodged a bullet.  He is being tested today to find out what caused it and how to prevent another one.  Here is what I learned.
If someone you know very well suddenly starts acting differently, don't wait, get them right to the ER.
I didn't, I was lucky, but they told me that if you get someone to the hospital who is having a stroke early enough they can prevent major issues.  I'm learning a lot!

Ok, enough about that.... I am sorry that we had to cancel BERNINA Club today.  I am going to reschedule it and let you know when it will be ASAP.
So what is new at the Quilt Shop.... I'm not sure, but I do know that we have lots of new scarf kits made up and ready for  you to make.  The kits cost 8.99, you sit down and sew and in 5 minutes, you have a gift to give someone.  Need a quick gift for someone.... stop in to pick up a few scarf kits.

I am rummaging through my sewing room looking for hand sewing projects to bring with me to the hospital.... I'm putting binding on my tree skirt,  there must be something else around here....:)
Do you think I could bring a machine there?  ( now if I was the patient.......)

Thank you all for being so wonderful and understanding.  I always said Quilters are the best people on earth!  I'm hoping to stop in at the shop today on the way home from the hospital .   I'll have more to tell you later.

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