I was visiting Mamacjt’s blog the other day and saw a piece similar to the one above.  I love Carol’s blog and wish I had her talent. She is so creative and I hope she will produce patterns for us who are less imaginative. Since I am in the process of upgrading my bathroom, which will be black and white, I thought a piece similar to what Carol did would be a perfect accent. Therefore, I got busy and made my own (picture above). It’s not exactly like Carol’s, but close. My scrappy squares are square and Carol's are rectangle. I still have to practice my French knots and make them in a straight line, and get rid of some of the blue pen marks, and try to figure out why her piece looks so crisp and clean compared to mine.

This is a close up of my project.  You will notice one thing missing. On Carol’s piece, she accented it with little black squares. As you can see, I have not added them yet. I want to, but Carol said she did them with Micron pen and I’m just too afraid to attempt that until I practice on some scrap pieces. I know I have a long way to go before I can produce anything nearly as perfect as what Carol does, but it was fun trying. Be sure and check out Mamacjt’s blog frequently. The link is on my sidebar. You will love what she does.

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