Stop in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop anytime during the month of January and take advantage of the special events and sales. All month we are giving away a free snowman pattern. You can enter your name for a chance to win a $25.00 gift certificate. You will also get 20% off all fabrics on bolts.

Each week during the entire month of January there will be a special sale.

1st Week – Jan 3-8……..20% off all patterns

2nd Week – Jan 10-15…..20%off all books

3rd Week – Jan 17-22…..20% off all kits

4th Week – Jan 24-29.....Buy five pre-cut fat quarters and get one free.

NOTE: There is a 50% off special on a selected Christmas fabrics, patterns, books, and kits all during the month of January.

MOM - My 93-year-old mother still suffers under the delusion that a woman is nothing without a man.

I’m having some work done on the upstairs bathroom. Yesterday, the contractor came by the house to take measurements. He’s tall, handsome, and young enough to be my grandson (almost). He always greets Mother with a big smile, which sets her to giggling and plying him with offers of food.

“How about a cup of coffee and a cookie?” she said. He ate a cookie and talked to her for a few minutes then just as he was getting ready to leave, she hurried into the living room, brought back a box of candy that she’d been given for her birthday and made him eat a couple pieces while she giggled and looked around for more temptations.

After he left, she said to me, “Well, you certainly made a good impression on him.”

I wasn’t sure if she was being sarcastic, so I said, “You are the one making the impression, sharing your candy with him.”

She smiled that sly little smile of hers and roller her eyes. “You stick with me kid, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Year Long Christmas - Feeling exhausted, run down after that last minute chaos of the before Christmas sewing rush? You may not want to even think about next Christmas right now, but Allie of Allie Ooops Sweet Happy Life has just the cure to keep that from happening next year. I know I’m sick of that last minute sewing chaos just before Christmas each year and have vowed not to let it happen again. I’m joining Allie’s Year Long Christmas event to help me stay on track and get those presents done long BEFORE next Christmas. Really, if you just do one a month you will at least have 12 gifts finished by the end of the year. Allie will have free downloads, links to special projects you can make, and a give-away each month. You can read about it here, then on January 5th, stop over (link is on my sideboard) and sign up for this fun event. If you don’t feel like doing it this month (still recuperating from this last mad rush) you can sign up any time as the event will remain open all year long.

You might even want to start your first project with this: The Nobel Wife has a cute stitchery pattern for you. Check it out.

PS:  I just learned that First Saturday Bee and Sampler will be held this Saturday instead of last Saturday because of the New Year Sale.

Stay Positive!
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