I had such a surprise in the mail yesterday and had to show it to you.  Em from Em Celebrates sent me this beautiful wall hanging/table topper.  I love it.  The colors are perfect, just to my liking, and the quilting is exquisite!  Why did she send it?  I'm not sure.  Her enclosed card said that she was sharing some "pointy" love with me.  But I suspect it is because Em is a very special woman.  I can tell from her blog that she has a lot of love in her heart.  Maybe she sensed my sadness when I lost my Sassy cat.  Maybe it’s just her nature to give.  All I know is I love her and thank her for this wonderful gift.  Her enclosed card said that she did the piecing and that Green Fairy Quilts did the quilting.

Did you know that Em’s blog (it’s on my sidebar too) was listed as one of the top five blogs on the Guide To Art Schools site?  This is from that site:  “Quilters are amazing artists.  They can spend hours upon hours dreaming, planning stitching, piecing, and finishing gorgeous quilts that will be passed on from generation to generation.  Inspired by history, colors, patterns, or contemporary culture, quilters channel their creativity to create beautiful pieces of art that will be enjoyed by many for years to come.” 
I know I will enjoy this beautiful quilt from Em for many years to come too.  Thanks Em, dear friend.

And my gift to you today comes from Lindsay Sews. This is a great tutorial for a mini pillow that holds all your controls!

Stay Positive!
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