Last week when a co-worker asked me how I did appliqué, I was delighted.  Misti, is new to quilting.  I’ve been trying to help her when I can and she’s really done quite well on her own, finishing several quilts.  When she asked me about appliqué, I insisted that I show her my freezer paper method.  Above she is taking copious notes. (Please ignore messy background. We are creating!  ;o)

Here, she is cutting out the freezer paper pieces. (For full instructions on my method of appliqué, click on the Witch’s Feet on the side bar).

Here Misti is pulling the fabric around the template.  Note the old ice pick she is using.  When I first started doing this method of appliqué, I didn’t have a stiletto and used what I had.  Since then, I’ve continued to use this antique.  I think it has a certain appeal (well, maybe just a conversation piece). 

Here she is practicing pulling the starched fabric around the template and ironing at the same time.

I’m sorry that the above picture is a little blurry.  After Misti took the freezer paper templates away from the fabric, she then pinned her fabric pieces to the background and applied small dots of Roxanne’s glue.
This is her completed block. Notice: no pins and the block is ready to sew. I like this method for a couple reasons. I know exactly what my piece will look like before I ever take that first stitch. Also, once I get my blocks to this stage, I can take them anywhere to do the sewing. I think Misti did a great job, don’t you?

I saw this on the Quilting Board. These instructions are part of the Alternate Finishes Series and are for various edges/bindings.

Stay Positive!
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