Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Can you believe how fast the days are rolling by? I talked about this quilt before here  and here .  Now I’m showing you the full, finished quilt that I made for my great grandson. I’ve had such fun making this. As I said before, the idea for the creature came from something I saw on Gapingvoid.  I love his quirky drawings.

My great grandson definitely is my everything! I thought the scrappy look helped the “creature” stand out. Also, I figured that if I used scraps, there would not be any concern about how this quilt would be used or abused. It is meant to be enjoyed, and who cares if something is spilled on a scrap? Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

A Valentine's gift for youWAIT!  Before you go to Thrifty Ideas Today you should get a cup of coffee/tea and plan on spending some time at this site.  There are lots of good things to see!

PS:  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on the loss of my beloved Sassy.  She meant the world to me and I will miss her terribly.  In fact, I'm surprised at how weepy I've been these past few days.  Your well wishes have helped me get through this.  Quilters are the best!

Stay Positive!
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