Em, of Em Celebrates, recently invited us to participate in making quilt blocks based on the children’s book Vincent Van Gogh’s Cat.  Em wrote on her blog, “This is Exotic Landscape interpreted by a second grade student from East Washington Academy in the book Vincent Van Gogh's Cat, Copyright 2010 by Scholastic Inc.  The book is winner of KIDS ARE AUTHORS AWARD and is fabulous.  I want to make a quilt to send to the elementary school, East Washington Academy, with each child's drawing turned into a quilt block then sash together and CELEBRATE the talent and creative process for the 2nd graders from Muncie, Indiana" 

Above is the block I made for the quilt.  I have no idea who originally painted this or what it is supposed to be.  I could not find the book at our local library.  Does anyone know anything about this picture?    

Em sent me this picture from the book so I would know what my block should look like.  I think I did  a pretty good interpretation, don’t you?  What was most time consuming and troublesome was hunting down the “right” fabrics.
 I’m still not satisfied with the background.  I wanted to add some darker fabric, but after auditioning fabrics from about a hundred different shops, I gave up and did not add these other darker fabrics.

Check out these other blogs today to see how they have interpreted their blocks.  Stephanie from Peas In A Pod did Monet’s Water Lilies.  You have to go see what she did.  She even put beads on the lily pads and it is absolutely beautiful.

Lynn of  Alamosa Quilter made a block too, but I haven't seen it yet.  I'm sure she will post later today so be sure and check back on her blog.

Keep checking Em Celebrate's blog as I’m sure she will post pictures of other blocks donated by other generous quilters.  When you click on the links above you will land on the current post.  If the Posts of their blocks are not up yet, be sure and stop back later to see what fantastic blocks they came up with.  Thanks Em for this great idea!  What a fun time I’ve had.

According to Scholastic the book, Vincent Van Gogh’s Cat is Written and illustrated by second grade students from East Washington Academy, Muncie, IN

"Join Vincent van Gogh’s cat on a journey through some of history’s most memorable and influential paintings. From a field of sunflowers to a pond of water lilies and on to a starry night, the clever layout and elegant art will leave readers immersed in their own imaginations, daydreaming of fantastical worlds."
Stay Positive!
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