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Come on to my house.... my house....

I bet you often wondered how we get ideas for new projects at the Quilt Shop.
Well, it has something to do with sleepless nights.  Last Friday, Ginny saw this front cover of Quilt Mania magazine......  She went home Friday night and couldn't stop thinking about this house quilt on the cover.
She came in Saturday and had a whole plan of what fabrics she was going to use.  I came into work, she told me about it, I was hooked, I made a plan of what fabrics I am using..... Amy came in later, same thing, and Lois and Mary too!
Now here is the fun part.  We are all going to make this quilt.  We are getting the pattern, but for now we are using the magazine.  Every week I will post pictures of blocks, but we aren't telling you who's blocks they are.  That's your job to guess, here are the first 2 blocks.  Who do you think made these?

Want to join us?  The house part of the block is easy, the patchwork part of the house is 6 inches.  As soon as we get the pattern, I'll let you know.
So, who do you think made these blocks?  
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