My dear friend Stephanie from Peas In A Pod sent me this lovely block.  She knows how much I like applique and said that she thought of me when she saw this at a recent quilt show.  I love, love, love this.  It is reverse applique and I admire its maker.

This is a closer look at the block.  The blue background square is just a little over 5 ½ inches.  The inside green square is just 2 ½ inches.  Can you imagine doing all this reverse applique and embroidery on just a 2 ½ inch square?  I cannot get over the beautiful work.  I can’t see any stitches and the circles are so round and even.  Whoever did this is an expert!  Stephanie said I could do anything I wanted with the block.  Her suggestions included – put it on a pillow, a purse front, in a quilt.  However, I am on a search for the perfect picture frame because I have just the spot for it on a wall in my new bathroom.  Thank you so much Stephanie for such a thoughtful gift! 

Alamosa Quilter has a nice tutorial for a Trash Bag.  I thought I’d make up a few of these as Christmas Gifts. I know.  Sounds funny...a trash bag for Christmas.  But I could put a roll of tall bags in it, or fill it with cookies, or a stack of crochet dishcloths, or applique napkins.  There are any number of ideas to go inside these little bags.  I want one for my car.
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