This is Modern Monday Block #8 and a lesson in color…at least for me.  Because of the way this block is made, you get an extra one.  I thought it interesting how these turned out.  The cuts of fabric are exactly the same, because you layer the fabrics on top of each other and then make the cuts.  But look how different the blocks are. When I made the first block, the one on the left, I was disappointed in that the points did not meet in the center.  Well, since this is a wonky block, they really aren’t supposed to be precise, but I wanted most of them to come nearer to the center.  When making the second block, I increased my seam width and came up with the one on the right.  I like it much better. Then when I posted the picture, I realized that in the first block the points of the orange fabric do meet in the center.  When making the blocks, my eye was drawn to the darker fabric in both blocks.  I was focusing on the gray fabric, not the orange.  When I looked at the picture, my eye was drawn to the lighter fabric and I could see that the points of the orange fabric did meet.  Funny how the brain/eye works.   Check out Lynn's block at Alamosa Quilter. Then hop over to Forty Two Quilts and get the pattern for this week’s Modern Monday Block.

Moda Bake Shop has an Off the Grid Nine Patch that looks interesting.
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