You know how it goes…one thing leads to another; you plan this and end up doing that.  At least that seems to be how my life goes.  And I swear it is the reason I never get any UFOs finished! 

The other day I stopped in at the Attic Window Quilt Shop to pick up some thread.  Black thread.  That was all I needed to hand-sew the binding on a small wall hanging that I wanted to finish.  As soon as I stepped into the shop, I knew I was in trouble.  Chris had gone to Market and there were lots of new things to see.  I was okay though.  I was determined to remain strong.   I kept telling myself to stay focused.  “Thread ONLY,” was repeated over and over again. 

Then she did it.  Chris stepped up beside me in the fabric isle (don’t ask me how I ended up there) and said, “Take a look at these.”  I glanced down and saw three new patterns in her hand. 

 I began to drool.   The top pattern looked intriguing.  I drank in the odor of newness as I snatched it from Chris and ran my fingers over the slick plastic see-through pouch.  I breathed out a sigh.  I had to have it.  It would be magnificent.  I could see the bright fabric in the frames and mentally went through my stash of solids.  Then I remembered the black fabric in my stash and wondered if there was enough left.  Still dreaming and drooling, I grabbed the other two patterns from Chris with a mumbled, “Yeah, these look okay I guess,” and headed home.  I never did get that black thread…well I did later when I needed to finish the binding on the above quilt.   I’m not much of a piecer, but I found Short Circuit by Black Cat Creations a snap to make.  I didn’t have to match a thing. Beginning and advanced quilters alike will want to make this one.   Watch for an upcoming class on this fun and quick quilt. 

Now I need to find that black thread and finish that wall hanging!

Paisley and Lace has a tutorial for a quilt I want to make.  I’ve seen the finished quilt on other blogs and fell in love with it.  I thought I’d use 30’s fabrics and make it sometime during our upcoming winter, which is bound to be way too long.  Check it out.
Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!
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