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Time to go to the kitchen.......

I will say that my kitchen is not as much fun as my sewing room.  When I create in my kitchen, it's prepping, baking, frying, boiling, or roasting, then people eat it and all of my work is gone!  All that left is the dirty dishes. 
This really happens on Thanksgiving..... we start days in advance, shopping, baking, etc   You create a beautiful dinner..... and an hour later, this is what you have....
Quilting and sewing are not like that....
You shop...... pick your fabrics, measure, and cut
 sew your pieces together...... ( hopefully on a newer machine than this..... :) )

and when you are finished.... you have something that you can keep, or give away, but it doesn't disappear.
If you plan ahead, you can do some sewing while your turkey is in the oven!  :)
I bet you can make one of our new scarves .... they only take about 30 minutes to make from start to finish.
Check out the pattern here,  30 min charm square scarf
Send us your pictures so we can post them here on the blog! 
We are open today from 12-4. Watch your e mail.... a special one is coming this weekend!

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