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Isn’t this orchid beautiful?  It makes me think of spring and beautiful days ahead.  My daughter brought this orchid to me almost a year ago saying that she didn’t have enough light in her home and was afraid it would die and would I take care of it for her.  I have a wonderful room with lots of light but figured it would never bloom.  Years ago I belonged (briefly) to the Grand Rapids Orchid Society.  I learned about orchids and that you not only need light, but you need moisture and fans, and special foods, etc.  During my short stint in the Society the only thing I managed to do was watch the blooming plants that Paul gave me, never bloom again.
Of course, back then I didn’t have a house with so much light.  So, I said, sure I'd take the orchid.  Fortunately directions were attached and after she left, I decided to read them.  What a surprise when I read that all you need to do is add 3 ice cubes once a week!  Place in plenty of light (not direct sunlight) and avoid drafts.  Can anything be easier that that?  And it worked!  I love it and am enjoying its beauty.  Hope you are having a beauty filled day too!

On Another NoteStitch by Stitch has a couple nice tutorials for you.

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