I made this little wallhanging to go on my door during Easter and thought I’d share the pattern with you and tell you a little bit about how I put it together.

Size: I used a 15” background square and after it was quilted, cut it down to a 14” square.  

Making the Parts:  When making the rabbit parts in white Kona, I didn’t want the background to show through, so I lined each piece with Pellon SF101.  Since I use the freezer paper method of appliqué (you can find my instructions and a tutorial for this method by clicking on the Witch’s Feet on the sidebar), I have the piece made and the edge ironed under before I cut the shape out of the Pellon.  When I cut that shape out of the Pellon, I cut it slightly smaller than the template, then slide it into the shaped piece and iron it on.  When doing this, make sure you have the template on the correct side of the Pellon so when you place it into the piece, the rough side of the Pellon will face the wrong side of the fabric and it is ready to iron.  Then I can place the entire piece on the background and stitch it down.  Again, you can see how I do this by clicking on the Witch’s Feet on the sidebar.

Embroidery:  As you will note above, I also do the embroidery before I stitch the piece to the background.  It makes it easier since there are not as many layers to stitch through.  Don’t be confused by the ears in this picture as after I had these made (I was trying to make a floppy year) I decided that wasn’t what I wanted and made the larger ears.

Templates:  The templates are the exact size.  If you are using the fusing method, there is no problem, but if you are using a turn-under method like I do, you will need to cut your fabric ¼” larger than the template.  ALSO, I do not have a template for the purple piece of fabric (sign background).  I cut it 4 ¼” by 9 ¾”.  You don’t have to be exact.  These measurements are enough to turn under the edge if you are using that method.  Also, when I made the pattern it said “Spring” but when I went to sew it I decided I wanted “Easter” instead, so feel free to do what you want.  I really struggled with what to say:  "Hop On In" (as a welcome sign), or “Some Bunny Loves You.”  There are so many cute sayings and I couldn’t decide.  One day when I was in the Shop, Maggie suggested Hoppy Easter and I knew that was what I wanted to say.  

 The Pattern: Here it is hanging on my door.  You can get the pattern here.  There are four pages.  The first two are only for placement of the various parts. You should place the second page over the first and line up the nose etc. and tape it together.  Now you can use this as a placement guide.  You will notice that the pattern is larger than the paper that we print on.  That is why some of the pattern goes off the page (like the ears and the tulips).  However, there is enough there to act as a placement guide.  The following two pages have the full size pieces and the letters for Happy Spring.  If you have any questions feel free to let me know.  I hope you enjoy the wallhanging!
Speaking of new patterns, Wendy of Ivory Spring has a new pattern for you.  Check it out.   You’ll love her tablerunner.

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