This day that we are celebrating women, I would like to introduce you to Miss Julia.  Created as a senior citizen, she stands over 6 ft tall and she is beautiful!  Miss Julia is a senior with gray hair, bifocals and a cane.  I saw her today when I was visiting the Kent District Library Wyoming Branch and had to take pictures and share with you.  Janet Meyer and Lovelto (Mickey Spears) created their Artprize at the Pinery Park Senior Apartments in Wyoming.  

In one hand, Miss Julia holds a pearl leash that swoops down to her dog. 

The other hand holds her cane.

Miss Julia is covered in jewelry from head to toe as is her dog and her cane and her cowboy boots. 

Jewelry from The Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and spiritual Denominations appear on Miss Julia, her dog and her cane.  All the jewelry is from public donations given for the creation of this magnificent woman.

For a senior citizen she sure has a waistline that I'd die for.

The creators say that OUR SENIORS ROCK! “Miss Julia represents all the memories our seniors live with daily, the fun time, the driving of cars, the walking a dog, the times of being young, which they still feel inside themselves. Seniors DON’T AGE…their SKIN AGES…but…their SOULS live on being young!"
Stay Positive!
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