Do you remember what it’s like when you join a new group for the first time…you are hesitant, it is scary, you are unsure, questioning yourself – will they like me, will I do something stupid. That’s kind of how I felt when I joined our guild. It is a large group and everyone seemed to know everyone else and I didn't know anyone. However, I was determined. I had heard that Mary Lou Weidman was going to be a guest speaker and teach classes. I signed up for both classes. I was still apprehensive as I walked into the classroom, and relieved to see a much smaller group. Mary Lou was wonderful, of course, but my greatest joy was meeting Vicky Ferguson who sat at the table just in front of me. She made me feel welcome and was so helpful in showing me the lay of the land. Vicky is a dietitian who writes a column for the Grand Rapids Press. We have remained in contact since, so when I saw that Mary Lou was having a sock swap I e-mailed Vicky thinking she’d want to join too. I was right. We were not in the same swap group, but I still got one of her socks. Above is the sock she sent me as a thank you for telling her about the swap. Her lovely thank you note also told me about the fabric she used in this sock. It is from Mary Lou’s “Bee Happy” line for Benartex. Isn’t it beautiful! Thank you Vicky for your thoughtfulness. I love this block. You’re a great friend and prove what I always say, “Quilters are the best.!
These are the blocks that I received from my Sock Swap group. Note the various sizes. I’m not sure how I’m going to put this quilt together. As I was pondering, a picture came to mind of the blocks in a circle, feet facing out, going in one direction. Another picture was of the socks scattered all over with feet tilted every which way, maybe some even upside down, and words somewhere saying something like, “these socks were made for dancing,” or “rocking at the sock hop.” So, here's my question:  What saying would you put on this quilt?  I would appreciate any suggestions.

Crazy Lady Quilt Designs has some cute patterns that include recipes!  You won't want to miss these!

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