Yesterday afternoon I got busy and made Hot Chocolate On A Stick.  I saw the link to the recipe on Peas In A Pod and had to try it.  First I made the Marshmallows.  I had never attempted that before.  It looked too scary.  Besides, what's wrong with store-bought.  After some thought, I caved and decided to make them from scratch.  What an experience.  I had sticky white stuff all over my kitchen and worried about getting it off the beater blades and bowl.  However, I followed the recipe and to my surprise,  they fell right out of the pan when I turned it over and I was able to cut them into squares with no problem at all.   And they are so yummy!  However, this morning I had to giggle when I opened a drawer in my kitchen and wondered what in the heck is all that white stuff all over the silverware.  My mother always said that a messy cook is a good cook.
 This is the chocolate ganache.  It looks good enough to eat as is, but I used restraint. 
Above you can see the marshmallow and chocolate on the stick and waiting to go into their individual bags.

In their bags waiting to be tagged.
I used two different tags.  I found them on the websites I referred to above and wanted to see how each one looked.
Here they are tucked into Santa’s head waiting to be delivered to the neighbor children.  A special thank you to Stephanie for the links on her blog.  It was a fun project.  After my hectic day I decided to sit down, relax and try some myself.  They worked great.  The marshmallows are wonderful, however, I was a little disappointed in that the chocolate was not as strong as I like.  I think I’ll do some experimenting and see if I can make better ones next year.  If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate it.  
Craft Bits has a quick and cute project that can still be done in time for Christmas.
Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!
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