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The other day while blog hopping I came across s. o. t. a. k handmade and saw that Svetlana had made a couple different name tags.  It was for a challenge for her Modern Quilt Guild that had just started in her area.  I thought about our Happy Scrappers Bee and how we are getting new participants each month.  It is such a wonderful/inspiring group and I’m anxious to learn everyone’s name.  And, of course, I want them to know me too, so I decided to make my own name tag.  I did this in the hopes of inspiring others in the group to make name tags too.  After all we are a scrappy group and what better way to use those scraps than make name tags. 
Do you recognize any of these fabrics?  Some from the modern pillow I blogged about last week, some from the Monster Patch, some from the quilt I just finished and will bog about next, and some from my Modern Monday blocks.  I wish I had had some cute little scraps on hand like Svetlana did in her first name tag, but I didn’t.  So the above is what I came up with.  Not bad.  I hope you will be inspired like I was to make a name tag.  It really is helpful for old/forgetful people like me.  Rosa in our group made a darling name tag and has worn it from day one.  We sit next to each other.  She has become my best friend.  I never forget her name.  I’ll try to remember to get a picture of it at our next meeting. 

You can get a head start on your Christmas decorations at This Year’s Dozen.  There is a nice tutorial for a Mug Rug Set.

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