It’s time for Modern Monday Quilt Along.  It is block #39 and called Dragon Fly.  It is also paper pieced. 

This week’s block doesn’t look very wonky to me (well maybe I should say Jennifer’s block didn’t look wonky.  Mine is another story), but I guess it looks modern.  I realized today why I like this quilt along.  I can make one block, and have to make ONLY ONE block a week.  I can do that.  As some of you may know, I’m not that into lots and lots of piecing the same block over and over again. 

Last week I tried to make a new bed runner.  I made about 15 blocks in one size.  Then I read the directions and it called for 135 blocks in another size.  I did some cutting.  I did some sewing.  Then I put everything in my UFO pile and decided, heck with this.  I’m using a different pattern, a pattern that called for lots of applique and just a little piecing. 

I put all those blocks that I had previously sewn and the pieces I had cut into a box and now understand why Buffie calls a box like this a Pandora’s box.  You put the box away, forget about it, then one day when you are reorganizing your sewing room you open the box, and all kinds of angst jumps out!  What should I do with this?  Should I make up the rest of the blocks?  I paid good money for this fabric, I can’t throw it out!  I'll never finish this darn thing.  Should I give it away to a new quilter?  Should I donate it to one of the groups at the Attic Window that make charity quilts?  What?  I’m taking my Pandora’s box to the Happy Scrapper’s Quilting Bee on the second Saturday of the month, and asking for help!

But I digress.  You might take a look at Alamosa Quilter and see if she has her Modern Monday block up.  The last I heard from Lynn, however, she said she had other commitments and might not be able to get her block up this week or next.  You can go see what block Jennifer has up this week.  I hope it’s an easy one.

Since we are talking wonky today, I thought you might like to take a look at this wonky quilt block tutorial from Piece Makers 4 Life.

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!
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