Last week I took a purse class from Lee Ann at the Attic Window Quilt Shop.  As you can see above, Diana (fellow student) has her Bow Tucks bag practically finished.  She did such a good job making it and hardly needed any help from Lee Ann at all, which was fortunate because I monopolized her time.

 I struggled with my bag.  Lee Ann is a wonderful teacher.  And does she have patience!   I was amazed!  If I had been Lee Ann trying to teach me to make a bag, I would have kicked me out of the class and told me to never come back!  But not Lee Ann.  She smiled all through class.  Above Lee Ann is turning my bag.  See her big smile!

It is a small bag, perfect for what I wanted it for; however NOTHING was easy about making it.  Well, nothing was easy for me, that is, because I only do “flat.”   However, I will admit that with Lee Ann's patience and excellent instructions, the bag did turn out rather nicely.
My 87 year old friend just got an iPad and today is her birthday, I decided to make her a bag for the iPad as she isn’t hooked up to the internet yet and often carries the iPad back and forth to the library.  I was afraid she would drop it and this bag with the strap seemed like the perfect solution.  I hope she likes it. 

If you are interested in taking a purse/bag class at the shop, call and see when Lee Ann has her next class.  No matter what class she is teaching, you can make any purse/bag that you like so long as it is one that Lee Ann has made and taught before.  Note above, Diana made a Bow Tucks bag while I was making this Hip Bag.  I would recommend taking a class from Lee Ann.  She makes you look like a pro!

Last week I devoted most of my posts to the quilt show.  Today I saw some other quilts that I wanted you to see.  Maverick Quilts has pictures of a show that has an “I’m Not Crazy” category. Take a look and be sure to scroll down through the pictures and look at the sunflower made all of buttons.  Awesome!

On Another Note:   Recently Esch House Quilts announced that a holiday craft bash would soon begin.  There would be tutorials and gift ideas each week from now through Nov. 26th.  Check out her blog for who is participating and on what days.  Looks like it will be a lot of fun.  
On Monday, A Little Gray had the first tutorial for a darling abominable Snow man.  

Until next time,

Stay Calm! Stay Kind! Stay Positive!
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