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Time flies when you're having FUN!

We've flown a million miles!  This was our FIRST First Class flight, and I am never going back to coach.  In my mind I will be flying first class, even if I'm in the 27th row.  "They" get warm almonds and cashews in a real bowl and all the Ginger Ale they can drink in a real glass with lots of ice.  And they call you by name and tell you where your next gate will be.  And they feed you lunch and give you a hot washcloth.  They let you on and off first and send your overweight suitcase for FREE and put said suitcase off the plane first so you can be on your way quicker.  I have to say I felt very important.

We, Fred and I, went to Husqvarna Viking Convention in Tucson last week.  I LOVE convention.  I get all fired up and think I can tackle the world.  I hit the ground running and then realize the rest of my life is waiting for me to continue with all the projects I already had underway.  Reality.

But now I know about First Class.  And my life will never be the same.

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