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It's my kind of day. I love the snow. It's so pretty. It does slow business down a bit, but it was a good desk day!
The last time I posted, it was one of my brother's Birthday. I was an only child until he came along, so we have a fair amount of competition between us. Not that the 5 kids that came after him and me made any difference in our family dynamic. He is still to blame for my losing my "only child" standing. He called this week to see if I had any plans for my Birthday. I said "No," thinking I was going to get an invite. He said I better be making plans, because he didn't think I had that many Birthdays left. Nice brother!! It makes no difference who of my siblings or my Mom and Dad introduce me, they all say, "this is Joyce, she's the oldest." A girl could get a complex!!
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