Isn’t this little guy adorable?  This block is from the pattern Monster Patch by kids Quilts Ltd.  I fell in love with it when Chris brought it back from Market last year but have never been able to find just the right fabrics for it.  Then while visiting the Attic Window Quilt Shop during the Heart of Winter Tour, I discovered some new fabrics had arrived at the shop. The following Monday with pattern in hand, I ran back to the shop to make my purchases.  Naturally, it was a difficult decision (does anyone else have trouble picking fabrics and choosing colors), and I was fortunate that Yvonne, Lee Ann, and Glenys were there to give me guidance.  Thanks gals for all your help.  I love how this pattern is turning out.  I’ll post pictures as the blocks are finished.  Darn, wish we could have a quilt along.  The pattern is from New Zealand and I don’t think Chris has any in at the shop yet.  So stay tuned.

WHEELCHAIR QUILTS:  A few people have asked what size should a Quilt for a wheelchair be?  I’ve been told many different things:   36″ x 36″ or 36” x 46” or 38″ x 47″ or 35” x 40” with rounded corners at one end so the quilt does not get caught in the wheels.  I try to make the width four inches shorter than width of fabric.  This makes it easier when applying the backing.  And I make it about 40 inches long.   Sometimes it will be longer.  I think a lot determines on what size block you are using in the quilt.  I think the last one I made was with 10” string blocks and I used a 2 ½ inch sashing so I just made 4 rows of blocks.  People are different sizes so whatever you decide will probably fit someone.  The one I made the other day out of scraps ended up being a little short, but I figured with the bright colors maybe a child would like it.    I hope this helps. I'm thrilled that others are interested in such a worthy cause.

Happy Quilting has a wonderful tutorial for a very interesting block called Gothic Windows.  Check it out.
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